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Investment in 3 Easy Steps:

 You Buy Tank Shipping Containers from Us...

 We Lease them on your behalf to International Shipping Companies...

 You Receive Rental Income in USD...

Introducing Tank Containers as an Investment

Investing in tank container assets is primarily no different to making investments in any other asset class. So-called alternative investments, these are becoming increasingly popular as continuing turmoil on financial and bond markets make these niche investments seem more stable by comparison to traditional investment products and attract many investors seeking respite from the grim black-and-white of share price charts. Intermodal Investments Ltd. trading as Tank Invest (Europe) is the interface between the private investor and the lease shipping industry.

Tank Invest (Europe) offers investors an opportunity to invest directly in stainless steel tank containers. The investment offer provides ownership of a hard asset with an international value which generates a steady income in US Dollar based revenue providing a hedge from Euro denominated investments.   Tank containers are stainless steel pressure vessels designed to transport liquids in bulk from food products to chemicals.  Tank containers are
Tank Container Investmentstherefore an integral part of a growing international intermodal transport industry. Tank containers have now become accepted by international operators and regulatory bodies as the safest, most economical method of transporting bulk liquids. The tank industry is regulated by various bodies functioning under the umbrella of the United Nations, in particular the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). The world tank container market is growing at approximately 8% per annum twice the rate of world GDP and current projections expect this trend to continue due to fleet replacement and new demand. Tank containers have proven over time to be a solid investment and to procure a steady cash-flow for both private and institutional investors. Our tank containers are placed in strategic locations globally by our lease managers who have the flexibility to make quick decisions to meet customers requirements and offer an innovative lease contract portfolio. All leases are handled by high credit worthy counterparties ensuring secure returns for our investors.

These investments may be considered a non-traditional (or alternative) asset class investment because the assets in these investments are not correlated to traditional assets such as shares or bonds. Accordingly, these investments may offer benefits to investors in the form of investment portfolio diversification and asset allocation. Because professional tank lease management companies only purchase tank containers in large volumes they do not have the scope or controls to handle small investor purchases.

Investor Benefits

60% of the world's containers are leased through container leasing companies
Tank Containers last 20 years v 10 years with Dry Box Containers and attract higher lease rates 
 Long term commitment with steady returns in US Dollars. Hedge against the Euro
 Attractive alternative investment which forms part of a diversified investment portfolio
 Strong utilization rates guarantee robust investor returns
 No Transaction or Stamp Duties costs unlike the acquisition of property or shares
 Low risk investment:-Low technology with no obsolescence factor and require little maintenance
 Long term returns:-tank containers are designed to have an operating life in excess of 20 years
 Strong residuals of up to 30%:- resale values for tank containers are strong based on their nickel content
 Low entry investment level - Investors can start with just one container

Tank Invest (Europe) facilitates the small investor who wishes to participate in this interesting investment model without the requirement to commit to such large scale purchases. 
We have a compelling approach to wealth management and believe in developing a long-term working relationship with our clients, based on the premise of transparency and integrity.

For more detailed projections please e-mail for further information.


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